Greuther Fürth: Despite the horror start: Azzouzi rules out panic purchases!

Avarice is not always cool!

In Fürth in particular, there has been no alternative to austerity for years. And the almost hopeless situation of the clover leaf in the Bundesliga will not change that.

Bottom of the table with only one point from eleven games and no win of the season yet. As the worst team in the history of the Bundesliga, one or the other might come up with the idea of ​​making strong personnel improvements during the winter break in order to become more competitive.

But even in the next transfer period, the wallet at the Ronhof will only be opened carefully, if at all. Boss Rachid Azzouzi (50) to BILD: “There will be no panic buying. Not with me. Any kind of action on the transfer market doesn’t help us. Here in Fürth we always have to think in the medium and long term. “The ex-professional can’t resist a swipe at one or the other club:” We don’t get 23 million for a property or 10 million bridging money, and we still will also sponsors big. “

So Fürth’s credo remains:

Better to go down economically sound than to lead the club into ruin with incalculable financial risk. Azzouzi: “It’s just about having stability in the club for the next few years. I said last summer that we couldn’t buy our relegation. “

Look back in anger. Trainer Stefan Leitl also has no explanation for the unbelievable negative runPhoto: Daniel Karmann / dpa

The shamrock maker does not want to completely rule out reinforcements in winter either: “If we still get our points and say we have to invest another million in a player because it increases the likelihood that we might keep the class after all, then everyone is ready to do that too. “

But unfortunately it doesn’t look like that at all.


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