Government gave this answer in Parliament on complaints of not taking 10 rupees coins

10 Rupee Coin Legal Tender: Many times complaints are heard that shopkeepers refuse to accept 10 rupees coin. Or if the shopkeeper gives it to a customer, then he also refuses to take 10 rupees coins. It is argued that this 10 rupee coin is fake. The reason for the misunderstanding among the people is that there are many types of coins of 10 rupees in the market. This confusion has been removed by this statement given by the government in Parliament. In the Rajya Sabha, the central government has clearly said that the coins of Rs 10 are completely valid and they are not fake. It was said by the government that coins of Rs 10 can be used as legal tender for all types of transactions.

All Rs 10 coins legal tender
Union Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chaudhary, while giving a written answer to a question in the Rajya Sabha, said that all types of coins of ten rupees are legal tender. He informed that Rs 10 coins minted under the jurisdiction of Government of India in various sizes, themes and designs and circulated by RBI (Reserve Bank of India) are legal tender. They can be used as legal tender in all types of transactions.

Question asked in Rajya Sabha
Rajya Sabha MP A Vijayakumar had asked the government that there have been complaints about not accepting the 10 rupee coin as fake in many areas of the country. What steps is the government taking to maintain this legal tender? At the same time, he had asked the government whether a complaint has been lodged against anyone for not accepting Rs 10 coins.

RBI keeps on being aware
Pankaj Chaudhary said that from time to time there have been complaints about not accepting coins of Rs 10. In order to create awareness among the public, remove the misconceptions and fears, RBI issues press releases from time to time and urges the public to accept the coin as legal tender in all its transactions without any hesitation. Used to be. Apart from this, RBI also runs awareness campaigns and print media campaigns through SMS across the country. Earlier, RBI has also said that all 14 design coins of Rs 10 are valid and legal tender.

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