Golden Globe collapse

AmericaAfter the Golden Globe Awards 2022, almost all the winning artists chose to be silent instead of celebrating.

For the past 78 years, the Golden Globe has been like a bell to announce that the annual film awards season in the US has begun. Taking place every early January, the event is nicknamed “Drunk Uncle”, where Hollywood stars meet to celebrate the New Year while listening to funny jokes and ridicule from MCs like Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

“The Power of the Dog” won an important award at the 79th Golden Globe. Video: Netlfix

However, the award ceremony on the morning of January 10 (Hanoi time) took place completely opposite, with no celebrities or red carpet. Radio NBC refused to broadcast the event despite signing a contract to buy rights worth $ 60 million per year. The organizers gathered at the Beverly Hiltonra hotel for a private event, only updating the winners on the program’s website.

A source in the film industry in the US told People that “felt like this year’s Golden Globes wasn’t held”. Most of the winners are silent, actors Mj Rodriguez and Rachel Zegler are among the rare people who mention the award on their personal page. Film crew Squid Game previously said that he did not come to the US to attend, in contrast to previous Korean film crews such as Parasite nice Minari.

Korean actor O Yeong Su won the first Golden Globe award but did not go to the US to receive the award.  Photo: Netflix

Korean actor O Yeong Su won the first Golden Globe award but did not go to the US to receive the award. Photo: Netflix

The Golden Globes brand has dissipated rapidly over the past few months.

In February 2021, the newspaper Los Angeles Times published an investigative article about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) – the organizer – and revealed many internal scandals. In particular, the information that the organization has no black members makes many people suspect that HFPA is racist.

The article sparked a series of criticisms from the film industry towards HFPA. Many actors and producers recall past scandals about the organization and announced boycotts. Some believe that HFPA members have signs of abuse of power and are negative in the judging process.

In May 2021, actress Scarlett Johansson said HFPA was “legitimized by people like Harvey Weinstein”, referring to the organization’s abuse of power and contempt for women. She said that she often had to hear sexist questions from members of the association when participating in a film promotion tour.

After Johansson, actor Tom Cruise directed staff to bring the Golden Globe trophy to the HFPA headquarters. Many other stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Mark Ruffalo or Amy Schumer also criticized the association. Film studios such as Netflix and Amazon said they would not participate in any HFPA activities if the organization did not reform.

Tom Cruise received the Golden Globe Award in 1990 for the film Fourth of July.  Photo: AP

Tom Cruise received the Golden Globe male lead award in 1990 for “Fourth of July”. Photo: AP

HFPA took many measures to save reputation but failed. In April 2021, they fired director Phil Berk after he called Black Lives Matter a “ethnic hate” movement in a letter to other members. In October 2021, the association recruited 21 new members, of which about 29% were black. At the awards ceremony on the morning of January 10, many black stars won such as Will Smith, Rachel Zegler, Ariana DeBose…

Experts believe that the organizers will take a long time to revive the reputation of the Golden Globe.

Follow Hollywood Reporter, before the 79th event, some studios have quietly resumed their relationship with HFPA. However, some are still cautious and not convinced by the changes of the association in the past time. An unnamed studio director told Los Angeles Times It is too early to continue working with HFPA, but praises the organization “on the right track”. When the nominations were announced in December 2021, Disney congratulated Emma Stone on being recognized for the lead role in Cruella.

Source of Vanity Fair said that most of Hollywood wants the Golden Globe brand to be able to revive after this scandal. Radio NBC left open the possibility of broadcasting the awards ceremony in 2023. Previously, they announced that they would only cooperate with HFPA when the association completed its reform. The station also praised the organization’s efforts in the past time and said it “hopes to broadcast the program next year”.

Failure of the Golden Globes could be an opportunity for other events during the awards season. In particular, the Critics’ Choice Awards of the American and Canadian Broadcast Film Critics Association are predicted by many experts to become an alternative brand. The event was first held in 1995 and gradually built up its reputation, attracting many A-listers to attend in recent years.

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