Gold Silver Price Today: Good news for gold buyers, gold and silver became cheap, know

Gold Silver Price Today: There is good news from the domestic bullion market and today the prices of gold and silver have come down in the country. There was a fall in the prices of gold yesterday as well and even today this golden metal is trading only after being cheap. The luster of silver has also faded today and its prices have come down. Gold and silver prices have remained almost constant in the global markets.

how is the trend in gold and silver today
A fall in the price of gold is being seen on the Multi Commodity Exchange today. Gold prices on MCX are down by Rs 64, or 0.13 per cent, to remain at Rs 48,008 per 10 grams. Apart from this, after a fall of Rs 138 or 0.23 per cent in shiny metal silver, trade is being seen at Rs 60,680 per kg. Let us inform that these prices of gold are of February futures and the prices of silver have been recorded on March futures.

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gold in global markets
Gold prices in the global markets are trading with a fall today. Gold is trading at $ 1769.76 an ounce, down about 0.02 percent. Apart from this, trade is also being seen in Silver today with a weakness of 0.07 percent.

Due to the wedding season in the country, the demand is high.
At present, the wedding season is going on in the country and the shadows will remain less in the coming days, due to which the buying of gold is happening fiercely right now. Therefore, there is a rise in the spot prices of gold. But the prices of gold in the futures market are looking cheap.

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Gold made a record of historical high in August 2020
In the country last year in August 2020, gold prices came to an all-time high and they had reached the level of Rs 55,000 per 10 grams. Now if you look at the rates at this time, then they have remained at a low level of more than Rs 8000 from the all-time high level. Let us tell you that India is one of the largest gold importing countries in the world and the consumption of gold in the country is increasing continuously.


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