Goalkeeper question decided – Will Müller also grab the cup game?

“We signed Flo as number one. Fabi can attack, he is a top number 2. “

VfB coach Pellegrino Matarazzo (43) creates facts in the goalkeeper hierarchy. Five million purchases Florian Müller (23) won the race – as was to be expected – against Fabian Bredlow (26).

He had made himself hopeful, said in the BILD interview when asked about the ranking in the box: “Since Flo has not been there in the last few weeks, it is difficult for me to assess the situation.”

Cup is Bredlow right! So far, Stuttgart’s number 2 has always been allowed to play in the DFB Cup games (here the 2019/20 round of 16 against Leverkusen). But it is questionable whether the native of Berlin is between the posts against the BFC.Photo: dpa

It is open, however, who will keep the gate in the DFB Cup on Saturday. In the past two years, substitute goalkeeper Bredlow was allowed to play in the cup games. He should also receive this reward for good training performance this season.

But Matarazzo raises concerns: “Flo has only been with us for a few days due to his participation in the Olympics. It wouldn’t be bad if he could play with the defense on Saturday. On the other hand, Fabi did a great preparation. “

This decision should be made on Friday.


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