Ghost dolls in the movie Victor Vu

“Guardian Angel” – the horror film of Victor Vu – reveals the doll shape used by the main character as a charm.

Behind-the-scenes video – posted on the afternoon of February 22 – introduces the scene of the main character (Truc Anh) meeting “baby Na” for the first time, a mysterious doll, at the secret house of a Thai shaman in Saigon. To bring the ghost doll image to the big screen, creative director Do An said the team has transported hundreds of dolls from Thailand to Vietnam. The selection process took months due to the epidemic, and overseas stores were closed.

Behind the scenes using a magic doll in the movie “Guardian Angel” by Victor Vu. Video: TFilm.

Do An said he builds a “ghost doll” shape that changes according to the film’s development. He said: “Many film set designers have a mentality: bad characters have bad looks. I want ‘baby Na’ to initially have the normal look of a toy, then gradually show a ghost. mim when transformed into an object of evil energy “.

The film begins with the story of Mai Ly (Truc Anh) dying from falling from the rooftop of a building. Many rumors of her death involved some kind of magic in the doll form. She uses charms to achieve the same success as a colleague. In addition to Truc Anh – plays Holland’s Blue eyes – The film is directed by Victor Dance, the remaining actors include: Chi Pu, Amee, Samuel An, Salim.

The heroine Truc Anh in the movie with the supporting cast.  Photo: TFilm.

The heroine Truc Anh and the supporting cast in the movie – scheduled to debut on April 9. Image: TFilm.

Victor Vu said the film has a gloomy, dramatic atmosphere in contrast to the romantic nature of the Blue eyes. The work refers to the ambition to find glory among young people, bringing along the sacrifices and losses they have to endure. “In today’s society, when people are desperate, people often turn to spirituality to get rid of the impasse. The film exploits that psychological weakness of young people,” he said. Accompanying the director in this project is his wife – Dinh Ngoc Diep – in the production role.

Victor Vu was born in 1975, has made a mark with movies Scandal, Heart of blood, I see yellow flowers on green grass, Blue eyes. Inside, Blue eyes – launched at the end of 2019 – achieved revenue of 180 billion VND, entered the top 5 Vietnamese films with the highest revenue in history at that time.

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