Germany: thousands of protesters against the auto show in Munich

Nearly 25,000 people participated in the rallies, which brings together eight associations, including Greenpeace.

Thousands of environmental activists demonstrated on Saturday against the holding of the German Motor Show (IAA) in Munich (south), believing that the sector is not doing enough to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, found an AFP journalist. “The climate crisis is already here, no need for IAA“,”Let us save the planet»: Activists started in the morning, placards in hand, a demonstration on the Theresienwiese, a huge square in the west of town.

After a march around Munich train station, the demonstrators returned to this square, where they gathered in a family and calm atmosphere, noted an AFP journalist. They were then joined by bicycle activists from across the region in the early afternoon. Almost 25,000 people attended the rallies, according to #Aussteigen, the collective behind the protests. It brings together eight associations, including Greenpeace, the anti-globalization movement Attac and the German NGO BUND. “We came to put the pressure on“, Gisela, 61, told AFP, claiming”more cycle paths“. “I am angry, because we give so much space to the automobile!“, Deplores for her part Hannah, 32, also present in the procession.

The German Motor Show (IAA), a big rally in the sector, takes place from Tuesday and until Sunday in the city’s congress hall. This year it presents itself as a showcase of the great challenge of electrification for the branch and wants to give a forum to the “mobility»Rather than cars, with more than 70 brands of bicycles. But this new concept has not calmed the claims. “Despite its sustainable appearance, the IAA remains the trade fair for the automotive industry“, Estimates in a press release #Aussteigen. “BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler and company continue to make money mainly with heat engines», Adds the collective.

Several gatherings have already taken place in recent days, at the initiative of environmental groups. On Friday, activists notably blocked the Mercedes-Benz stand set up in downtown Munich, waving banners “the car is over“(“because is over“) Or accusing the salon of”greenwashing“. A small group of protesters managed to cut off traffic on the highway connecting the downtown stands to the convention center where the IAA is held. Several activists were arrested by the police.

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