German railway workers launch long strike

Post-Covid wage demands mask a struggle for influence between unions.

Correspondent in Berlin

At the entrance to Berlin Central Station, a few hours before the start of the German railway strike, which was supposed to paralyze much of the country, a single message scrawled in red felt was displayed on the Deutsche information board. Bahn: Tickets purchased before August 29 will remain valid until September 17. For the rest, travelers are referred to the company’s website. “We can’t help it all», Said a retiree who had to shorten his trip to Basel by one day.

Strikes are rare in Germany. The one for railway drivers, which was due to start Thursday at 2 a.m. for passenger traffic, after the interruption of freight the day before, is supposed to last six days, which would make it one of the longest in the history of the company. It is mainly the third movement since August 10. On August 11, in full vacation, three quarters of mainline trains were paralyzed.

On paper, the stake of the conflict

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