Gas, electricity: the right things to reduce your energy consumption

While the Energy Regulatory Commission called on the French on Monday to save energy, Le Figaro gives you a list of tips to limit your consumption.

The war in Ukraine puts the European Union in a delicate situation with regard to energy supplies. The EU is indeed 40% dependent on Russian gas and the proliferation of economic sanctions against Moscow are causing prices to soar. Added to this is the unprecedented drop in EDF’s nuclear electricity production. A situation that could lead to difficulties in the winter of 2022 if nothing is done. The President of the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE), Jean-François Carenco, called on all French people on Monday to save energy now, at the risk of facing tensions in supply next winter. “There is an emergency and everyone must do it“, he added. Le Figaro draws up a list of good things to do to limit your consumption.

Unplug your standby devices

An LCD television on standby consumes an average of 8 kWh per year. It’s certainly not a lot, but if you leave all your electrical appliances on standby, it can significantly and above all unnecessarily increase your electricity bill. According to Ademe, the Ecological Transition Agency, turning them off can save up to 10% of the electricity bill (excluding heating). So remember to turn off your devices when you are no longer using them and if they are not equipped with a switch, like some televisions for example, opt for a power strip with a switch for more convenience. “ For washing machines and dishwashers, the watches are often used to detect water leaks and it is not wise to disconnect them “recalls Ademe all the same.

Also remember to unplug your phone and laptop chargers when charging. A good habit that will allow you to save money while avoiding having cables hanging from each outlet. It is also important to turn off your internet box when not in use. A box on 24 hours a day consumes more than 200 kWh per year, which is as much as the washing machine.

Think about the “eco” mode of your appliances

Most dishwashers and washing machines have a “ eco “. Depending on the model, it allows you to consume up to 45% less electricity. Be careful, however, not to confuse the program “ eco-friendly with the quick program.

Also remember to lower the temperature when using your washing machine. Indeed, washing your clothes at 30° requires three times less energy than if you wash them at 90°. So only use high temperatures when really necessary. It is also important to run your washing machine and dishwasher only when they are full. “ Half-loading the washing machine uses less water but just as much electricity “, specifies the Ademe.

Also try to skip the dryer step as soon as possible. The latter uses twice as much energy to dry your clothes as it took to wash them. And in case of use, remember to wring your clothes well before putting them in, this will allow you to use it for less time.

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Clean your devices regularly

Remember to regularly dust your radiators so that they work optimally. And to defrost your refrigerator and your freezer because if they are covered with a thick layer of frost, they can consume up to 30% more energy. 1 millimeter of frost resulting in 10% overconsumption of electricity.

Ventilate your home regularly

It is important to ventilate your home regularly. Opening the windows when it’s cold may seem contradictory, but a damp home keeps the heat in less well. By ventilating your home for a few minutes a day, you greatly contribute to cleaning it up and thus reduce the heating time needed to reach the desired temperature. Moreover, if you open the windows do not forget to turn off the heating so as not to over-consume.

Optimize the electricity consumption of your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most greedy positions in electricity consumption, in particular due to the presence of cold appliances such as the refrigerator. A first solution thus consists in keeping appliances generating heat as far away as possible from those generating cold, because a refrigerator located near the oven will logically consume more.

As far as cooking is concerned, it is recommended to favor induction hobs for quick cooking, as they save up to 50% compared to conventional hobs. When using electric hotplates, it is very economical to cover pots and pans when cooking. “ To boil water or cook your dish, putting on a lid consumes 25% less energy “, highlights the Agency for Ecological Transition.

It also helps to have pots and pans that match the diameter of your plates. Finally, it is important to clean the burners. If the flame is yellow, this indicates a lack of oxygen, they are clogged.

Beware of hot water

To limit the resulting cost of hot water in your annual bill, several solutions exist. Above all, you must ensure that your hot water tank is set correctly, at a temperature between 55 and 60°C. Giving preference to showers over baths can reduce the water used, and therefore the electricity needed to heat it, by three.

It is also interesting to install aerators or flow reducers on the taps. “ A water-saving hand shower can save you up to 75% water “, explains Ademe. Remember to leave the mixer taps on the cold position so that the boiler is not immediately called upon when you open the tap.

Another trick, surround the hot water tank and the pipes with insulation to prevent heat loss. “ Insulation is all the more necessary when the hot water tank is installed in an unheated place (garage, basement, etc.) and the water points are far from the hot water tank. “, describes the Ademe. In addition, do not let the hot water tank operate during periods of prolonged absence.

Pay attention to the lighting

To save on your electricity bill, it is also important to act on the lighting of your home, above all by choosing types of low-consumption bulbs, as well as by adapting the power of your lamps according to your needs. “ LED lamps consume little electricity and last a long time (up to 40,000 hours), enough to compensate for their purchase price. It is the best home lighting solution, provided they last more than 20,000 hours and are rated A+ or A++ on the energy label », Specifies the Agency for Ecological Transition.

It may also be wise in certain places such as stairs to opt for motion detectors. Finally, the golden rule is to always check that the lamps are off when you leave a room, or in unoccupied rooms.

Adapt the heating

Pay attention to your heating this winter. Electric heaters consume a lot. “ There is no need to heat all rooms to the same temperature. Some rooms are occupied all day, but others, such as bedrooms or bathrooms, do not need a constant high temperature. Around 20℃ in the living rooms, 17℃ in the bedrooms, you will reduce your heating consumption. And for more efficiency, install heating regulation and programming “, advises Ademe.

When the temperatures cool down, it is important to always close your shutters as soon as night falls and draw the curtains to prevent the cold from radiating into the accommodation. During very cold periods, keep the shutters closed even during the day if you are not at home to slow down heat loss through the windows.

To live in a comfortable home and limit your heating bills, the #1 solution is to insulate the roof, walls, low floors and windows.“, recalls the Agency for Ecological Transition.

Finally, as part of its 10 proposals for measures to rapidly reduce the European Union’s dependence on Russia in terms of gas, the International Energy Agency is asking consumers to lower their thermostats by 1°.

Choose energy-efficient devices

Choosing the right appliances, whether electronic or household appliances, when acquiring or renewing them, by checking that they are economical, will allow you to save energy.

Whether it’s a computer, a refrigerator or a dishwasher, be sure to favor appliances classified at least A+ to benefit from lower consumption which will be felt over the year. Installing a more efficient boiler can also help you reduce your energy bill. In addition, state aid encourages individuals to do so.

The IEA suggests accelerating the change from gas boilers to heat pumps and energy efficiency measures.

Compare gas or electricity providers

While you can compare everything on the internet, it is also possible to compare the contracts of energy suppliers. Great annual savings are the key. The good advice is to choose a fixed rate so as not to see your bill increase with the price increases of the suppliers.


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