Full throttle – goalkeeper learns at Hansa and during his studies

The test match against Mannheim could have been a chance for Hansa’s substitute goalkeeper Ben Voll (21) to show himself – unfortunately canceled at short notice due to a suspected corona case at Waldhof.

New attempt on Friday around 1860 Munich? Full of anticipation: “In any case, it’s fun to get playing time at a high level.”

He hasn’t had that with the Rostockers yet. In the summer of 2019 he came from Alemannia Aachen as an 18-year-old, and since then has had Captain Markus Kolke (31) as his “manager”. Voll made 13 league games in the Hansa reserve.

Voll: “Of course you have to be very patient. As a field player you would have been given a few minutes. Of course you want to play at some point, as an athlete you also look for competition and don’t just live for training. But there is no other option than to stick with it, learn to do your homework. “

Will he continue to study at Hansa in the future or look for practical work elsewhere? His contract expires in the summer. Voll: “I’ll let everything come my way, you can never really plan in football. I am very relaxed. “

Speaking of learning: the high school graduate has been studying business psychology at a distance since February. Voll: “I can manage that by the way and it keeps me fit in my head.”


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