Fuels: Bruno Le Maire specifies the contours of a “targeted” aid to compensate for the rise in prices

A reduction in fuel taxes “is not the wisest solution”, also declared the Minister of the Economy, underlining the “vertiginous” cost of such a measure.

At the time of the last arbitrations, the solution of a reduction in fuel taxes has lead in the wing. Invited on BFMTV on Wednesday evening, the Minister of the Economy and Finance returned to the aid which should benefit households in the face of the rise in the price of refueling. He reiterated his opposition to lower taxes, lambasting those who “Want to squander 10 billion euros” : this sum, the cost “Dizzying” a reduction in taxes of around 20 cents, could and should be used to finance infrastructure and energy independence for France, said Bruno Le Maire.

Lower taxes “Is not the wisest solution”, he added. It would also be inconsistent with the government’s environmental policy. In addition, any current reduction in taxes would be difficult to reverse in the future, putting a lasting strain on public accounts.

Instead, the boss of Bercy prefers an option “More targeted”, who will compensate “In whole or in part” rising prices. This second solution will affect all people who need their car. “To look for an activity or to exercise an activity”, noted Bruno Le Maire, citing the unemployed, retirees, the self-employed or employees. This device, the announcement of which is expected by the end of the week, could operate on a declarative basis, with a posteriori control, he said in a hint: “You can do this by attributing it to all the people who say they need their car to go to work”. And “There will be no matching companies”, but a cap should be put in place to avoid allocating aid to all car owners.

The energy check, intended to mitigate the surge in the price of gas and which will give rise to an exceptional payment of 100 euros in December for low-income households who are eligible for it, is paid according to the income declared to the tax authorities. But the government does not have a database for those who use their cars for business purposes.

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Inflation will set in over time

Inflation, which households experience when shopping or refueling, is set to last. Still on BFMTV, the Minister of Economy and Finance declared that he did not see “no improvement before the end of 2022, at best ” on the front of supply problems from which companies suffer, and which generate sharp price increases. Tensions are therefore likely to last “Throughout, again, the year 2022”, estimated Bruno Le Maire.

“We keep saying that the price increase is transitory. It all depends on what is meant by transient ”, qualified the minister. The rise in prices is mainly due to shortages of wood, steel, aluminum, oil and gas, detailed Bruno Le Maire. These tensions are “The only obstacle to even stronger and more dynamic growth”, he added. They should not weaken for several quarters.


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