Fuel prices continue to rise and reach new heights

INFOGRAPHICS – They further increased by 2 cents last week, according to official figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition released on Monday.

Driving on diesel has never been so expensive in France. The price of diesel at the pump reached 1.5583 euros per liter on average last week, according to the latest figures from the Ministry of Ecological Transition published on Monday. That is 2 cents more than the previous week. Over one year, the increase even reached 29%.

This sharp increase affects all road fuels. The liter of SP98 is established at 1.72 euros, against 1.66 euros for the liter of SP95. In the long term, the surge is particularly noticeable: these two fuels have surpassed their record level of April 2012, as has diesel, which is now three cents more expensive than its record of October 2018. By way of comparison, Eleven years ago, a liter of diesel cost 1.16 euros, almost 40 cents less, and 12 euros less on a full 30 liters!

Significant disparities remain according to the territories. In Paris, in several stations, filling up with gasoline is particularly expensive: a liter of diesel sometimes costs more than 1.95 euros, according to real-time government data. On the island of Yeu, the liter of SP95 has exceeded 2.2 euros, and diesel is approaching 2 euros. What give motorists cold sweats.

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Soaring oil prices

The increase has, in fact, been visible for several months: after a collapse during the first containment, prices at the pump increased gradually, returning to their pre-crisis level, before exceeding it. Since the crisis of “yellow vestsยป, The fuel tax has been frozen by the government: the current increase in prices at the pump is therefore entirely linked to the surge in oil prices. A benchmark index on the European market, the price of a barrel of Brent has almost doubled in one year, reaching just under $ 74.5 in September.

The government says it is aware of the problem, and promises to act quickly to relieve motorists forced to use their cars, especially to go to work. On Monday, the Minister of the Economy said to himself “more favorableTo a fuel check than to lower taxes on gasoline. If this option is validated, a fuel check should arrive “as quickly as possible to the French“Who need it,” said Bruno Le Maire.


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