“From when are you considered to be fully vaccinated for travel? “

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To justify a complete vaccination schedule, one of these three conditions must be met:

– have received the second dose of a double injection vaccine (Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca) for at least 14 days.

– have received the injection of a single dose vaccine (Janssen) for at least four weeks.

– have received, for people who have already been sick with Covid-19, a single injection of vaccine for at least two weeks.

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As your stay is scheduled for less than two weeks after your second dose, you will therefore not be considered to be fully vaccinated. To go to Spain, you will therefore have to provide a negative PCR test, the result of which will have been issued within 48 hours of your arrival in the territory. A form must be completed on the Spanish government website before leaving. Once you have completed it, you will receive a QR Code that you must keep on your phone or on paper in order to be able to pass the airport health control.

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The time between two doses varies depending on the vaccine

Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. The timeframe initially planned was 4 to 6 weeks, so the second dose took place between 39 and 42 days after the first injection. But on June 15, the government announced that this system would be changed to “schedule a booster between 21 and 49 days” after the first dose, the goal being to speed up the rate of injections.

AstraZeneca. The second injection should be given 9 to 12 weeks, ideally 80 to 84 days, after the first. The second injection can be that of a messenger RNA vaccine, such as Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna.

As a reminder, a person already infected with Covid-19 must wait at least 3 months before being vaccinated, the Haute Autorité de santé recommends a period of 6 months ideally. One dose is enough to be fully immunized.

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