From HSV to Lille OSC: 7 million fee for Amadou Onana is bunkered

Something like that didn’t happen so often at HSV in recent years. The head coach publicly praises the athletic leadership …

This is what happened on Friday lunchtime. Coach Tim Walter (45) assessed the transfer of midfield talent Amadou Onana (19) to the French surprise champion OSC Lille with the following warm words: “It speaks for the good work of HSV that they bring boys who have cost nothing and for resold for a certain price. It was a little different in the past. We are on the right track. ”

Olala, Onana! For 7 million euros to Lille.

After days of tough negotiations, the deal is now over. For 7 million euros, the Belgian (HSV contract until 2024), who came from Hoffenheim’s U19 team free of charge in summer 2020, will join the Champions League in northern France.

Most recently, the U21 national team failed to complete HSV training or practiced with the handbrake on. So that an injury doesn’t endanger the transfer at the last moment.

There was a good reason for the tough struggle for graduation. Since the HSV bosses are still convinced of Onana’s great development potential and did not see Lille as the end of the hopeful career of the 1.95-meter man, they contractually wrested LOSC from participating in a possible resale and performance-based bonus payments. And that took a while.

In other words, if Onana develops positively, the total payment to the HSV could increase to up to nine million euros.

What is Hamburg doing with the sudden windfall?

It is planned that the sum will first be put on the high edge. The cost of another goalkeeper, who has been wanted for weeks, should be in the change area …


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