From goalscorer to legend: Achim Streich’s (†71) great time in Magdeburg

171 goals, twice GDR footballer of the year, top scorer four times and three cup wins – Joachim Streich (†71) remained the clipper of the East at 1. FC Magdeburg too!

A marriage of convenience that became love at second sight. Because Streich really wanted to move from the coast to Thuringia in the summer of 1975.

The GDR football legend 2021 with the badge of honor of the state of Saxony-Anhalt. He passed away on Saturday after a long illness Photo: picture alliance/dpa/dpa-Zentralbild

The GDR legend once revealed: “The tailor simply tore up my Jena registration. Either you go to Magdeburg or play in Rostock in the 2nd league.” The delegation by the then DFV Vice Günther Schneider (†74) was a political issue. Nevertheless, everyone was happy with it – even Joachim Streich!

In Magdeburg he became a superstar and broke records in the course of the season. And he was the alpha animal in the legendary blue-white offensive Sparwasser-Ststreich-Hoffmann (221 international matches together).

Sturm colleague Martin Hoffmann (67) looks back: “Achim had solutions in front of the goal that no one else had. If Jürgen and I didn’t meet, he was the rescue. He always scored – well, 99 percent of the time.”

Spectacular: The 10:2 on the last Oberliga match day in 1979 against Chemie Böhlen. “Six goals in one game, only Achim could do that,” said Hoffmann.

Wolfgang Steinbach (67), who fought in dozens of European Cup battles against top clubs like Juventus Turin, Eindhoven and Barcelona with Streich, never wants to be without his time with him.

The striker (right) scored 171 goals in 237 games for 1. FC Magdeburg

The striker (right) scored 171 goals in 237 games for 1. FC MagdeburgPhoto: Frank Krucyznski

“Even though I had a certain status in the team in the meantime, I was never above running for him. He was just a personality, although everyone knew that he hated long-term Cooper tests and hated every step too much,” recalls Steinbach, adding: “Own goals weren’t important to me. I didn’t count, but hung up a lot for him. I’m still proud of that today.”

But it also went the other way around. UEFA Cup 1977/78: 1. FC Magdeburg disenchanted FC Schalke 4:2 and 3:1 in a German-German duel. Sparwasser scored three times, Pommerenke and Steinbach twice. Streich was only allowed to hang up: “That’s how he was, he could be a real team player.”

Winner type prank! As with his delegation, it continued involuntarily even after the end of his career. In 1985, at the age of 34, the striker switched from the field directly to the FCM coaching bench. But he wasn’t really able to build on his successes as a player…


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