French savings a little more business-oriented

However, risk-free investments still concentrate more than 60% of household savings.

All fire all flames. When they arrived in the Assembly in 2017, the young Macronist deputies of the finance committee swore only by productive investment. Their obsession, like generations of elected officials before them: to encourage the French, culturally very cautious about their investments, to take more risks and to direct their savings towards the financing of companies, and in particular of SMEs. The latter are structurally lacking in equity in our country. At the time, it was also a question of responding to criticism from the left on the tax reforms of the 2018 budget by explaining that the fresh money made available by the abolition of the ISF and the creation of the single flat-rate levy (PFU) on capital income was going to flow back to the “real” economy.

To this end, the elected officials hoped to encourage banks and insurers to create new financial vehicles capable of presenting, for savers, an attractive alternative to the popular…

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