French Open winner Krawietz / Mies: Christmas in quarantine

You are Germany’s double heroes! Kevin Krawietz (28) and Andreas Mies (30) won the French Open twice in a row and want to win the home tournament bett1HULKS in Cologne on Sunday.

BILD: What would victory in Cologne mean to you?

Krawietz: “A lot, especially in Germany, especially for Andreas here in Cologne that would be great.”

Bad: “Yes, that would be something very special! I also play Bundesliga at Rot-Weiß Köln. And then win a tournament here … But first get through the semi-finals. Will be hard enough. “

Fist off in Corona times: Andreas Mies (left) and Kevin Krawietz have a fist like in everyday lifePhoto: dpa

BILD: Mr. Mies, how is it for you as a Cologne native to play here?

Bad: “I was really looking forward to the tournament. As a child, I was already in the hall, and saw ice hockey and concerts here. For me, a childhood dream is coming true. I wanted to play tennis in the arena when I was eight. For me it’s always fascinating how handball on ice or a concert is being converted to tennis. It’s just a shame that there are no spectators. “

BILD: Are you now recognized on the street?

Bad: “Doubles have little range. Eurosport didn’t even broadcast the final live. Doppel always flies under the radar. A few people recognize us at the airport and in the restaurant. But a lot also depends on the city. I don’t think Cologne is that enthusiastic about tennis. If Sascha Zverev were to walk through Cologne, not many people would recognize him. I don’t know whether it would be different in Munich or Hamburg. In Cologne, the FC is the ultimate. “

BILD: Zverev would prefer to bring the ATP Finals to Cologne.

Bad: “It would be great to establish the bett1HULKS here for ten years.”

Krawietz: “A big event in a 22,000-man arena would be great. Or to play the Davis Cup here. Sascha would pull a lot of people, plus us in doubles and Jan-Lennard Struff, that would be something. “

BILD: Two weeks after the victory in Paris, how do you see him today?

Krawietz: “We are very proud of our performance. We are working towards these tournaments. We had doubles as opponents, who are always up front. Then in the final against the US Open winners, that makes it even more special. “

Kevin Krawietz (l.) And Andreas Mies with the trophy after winning the French Open

Kevin Krawietz (l.) And Andreas Mies with the trophy after winning the French OpenPhoto: Witters

BILD: Mate Pavic, one of your double opponents in the Paris final, did not congratulate you at the award ceremony, which caused storms of indignation. Did you find that so outrageous too?

Bad: “Of course we noticed that straight away. It is not appropriate not to congratulate the winner. It wasn’t good manners. It is clear that everyone wants to win, but then it is a good deal to congratulate the winner. Bruno Soares then congratulated us. “

Krawietz: “You don’t have to be friends with everyone on the tour. But what mate was made was borderline. Bruno, on the other hand, is the nicest doubles player on the tour. congratulated us last year on our French Open victory via WhatsApp. He’s the fairest of them all, but Mate Pavic was just bottomless. “

Kevin Krawietz (left) and Andreas Mies play the semi-finals of the bett1HULKS in Cologne on Saturday

Kevin Krawietz (left) and Andreas Mies play the semi-finals of the bett1HULKS in Cologne on SaturdayPhoto: Jonas Güttler / dpa

BILD: How did you celebrate in Paris during Corona times?

Bad: “We had dinner in the hotel, but that closed at 10 pm. Then we went to the Player’s Lounge with all 14 people we were. Our final happened on the screen. We then commented on that, teased each other when someone played a bad ball. But overall the party was of course quieter than last year. At 1 a.m. it was all over.

BILD: Mr. Mies, your partner worked at Lidl for a month. What did you think when you heard that?

Bad (laughs): “I thought if he handles the 2019 prize money reasonably, he doesn’t need to. But seriously: I thought it was great! An insight into a completely different area, you appreciate your own job very differently. Then I remember: Now it was the French Open again – then it would be Lidl’s turn again … “

During the Corona break, Kevin Krawietz cleared shelves in a Lidl store.  Even the branch manager didn't know that he was a tennis star

During the Corona break, Kevin Krawietz cleared shelves in a Lidl store. Even the branch manager didn’t know that he was a tennis starPhoto: Lino Mirgeler / dpa

Krawietz: “No, not at first. I helped a friend who had a shortage of staff in her market. It was only 48 hours a month. I cleared shelves and sometimes worked as a security guard. But now I am happy that we can play tennis again … “

BILD: Before the Australian Open, all tennis professionals Down Under have to be quarantined for two weeks. Are you doing this to yourself?

Bad: “It should be in a department so that you can also train. I don’t think we’ll just sit in the room for 14 days. If that’s the only way to play there, that’s how we have to do it. “

BILD: Would you then only play the Australian Open without a preparatory tournament?

Bad: “We would play the ATP Cup and Adelaide beforehand. That means we are not at home for Christmas, but in quarantine in Australia. We can also take accompanying persons along in addition to trainers and physio. You can do that. “


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