Fraud is increasing in the name of KYC, insurance and SIM upgrade, know how to avoid

Cheats in the name of updating KYC
Cheaters in the name of KYC update and SIM upgrade call you and tell you that KYC is invalid. He pretends to activate it online. Then after downloading an app from you, he gets you to transfer some amount through it. When you do this, other details including password go to him. After getting the details, he does the fraud.

cheating in the name of discount
Cyber ​​fraudsters sometimes show huge discounts on products by creating fake clones of branded e-commerce websites. You pay by ordering after seeing huge discounts. In such a situation your order is not delivered and after some time you get that link also missing.

Fraud through Call Center
Thugs open fake call centers and send pop ups in the name of things like tech support and anti virus support. After this, hacking the system and asking to fix it, they charge money. Many times the thugs contact in the name of various government agencies and threaten to confiscate the property by telling people to get their criminal information related to them and extort money in the name of saving it.

Adopt these measures to avoid

  • If you have any e-mail, link, phone call or even the slightest doubt on the website, then stay away from it.
  • Thugs often implicate by sending fake popups, beware of this.  
  • You are sometimes sent a UPI link in the name of different schemes. You should not click on such links.   
  • If you are making a payment by scanning the QR code, first make sure that it is correct.
  • There are many friend requests on social media Huh. In such a situation, accept the request of a person you do not know carefully.  

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