France: New car sales continue to decline in April

They fell by 22.58% in April over one year, in a context of war in Ukraine and shortages of semiconductors.

Sales of new cars fell 22.58% in April year on year in France, with 108,723 registrations, still suffering from production slowed by shortages of semiconductors and the war in Ukraine, according to figures from manufacturers published on Sunday. Compared to 2019, before the Covid-19 crisis, the fall is even 42.23%, indicates the Automotive Platform on its Twitter account.

The French group Stellantis (Peugeot Fiat) recorded a sharper drop in sales than the market as a whole in April (-29.26% to 35,496 registrations), while those of its compatriot Renault fell by 20.96%. to 23,659 registrations. Those of the German Volkswagen fell by 30.23% to 14,310 registrations. Conversely, sales of the American Ford jumped by 10.88% with 4,027 registrations and those of the Japanese Nissan by 47.84% to 2,908 registrations.

Over the first four months of the year, new car registrations fell by 18.57% in raw data to 474,083 registrations. Luxury electric car maker Tesla escaped the doldrums with a 42.99% jump in sales to 8,578 vehicles. The share of electric vehicles is 11.9%, compared to 38.1% for gasoline, 16.3% for diesel and 28.4% for hybrid vehicles.

Regarding new light commercial vehicles (less than 5.1 tonnes), the market fell by 31.8% in April to 27,485 and by 26.17% to 118,219 over the first four months of the year. The transport sector is the activity that contributes the most to France’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with road transport constituting almost all of these emissions.


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