Four Hills Tournament: Severin Freund – back at the top after years of horror

You are flying again!

On Wednesday (4.30 p.m., live on ARD and Eurosport) the first competition of the Four Hills Tournament starts in Oberstdorf! In addition to top favorite Karl Geiger (2nd in the qualification), he is also fully back in the ski jumping business: Severin Freund (33).

Will he be our best friend again?

With 9th place in the qualification, the eagle reported back impressively – until a few days ago it was not at all clear whether the overall World Cup winner would even be allowed to participate. His performance at the beginning of the season was not enough for the squad of the best DSV eagles, the overall World Cup winner from 2016 had to go through the second-rate Continental Cup. But there he was convincing, the German jumped another tour starting place and national coach Stefan Horngacher (52) nominated friend.

“I knew that I was in a good mood. I’m very satisfied. Now we’re waiting to see what else happens, ”said Freund after 9th place in the qualification.

Horror years are behind Freund

Horror years lie behind what was once the best German ski jumper. 20 World Cup victories, multiple (ski flying) world champion, team Olympic champion and 2nd of the 2016 tour.

Then the crash: Hip surgery in 2016, 1st cruciate ligament tear in January 2017, 2nd cruciate ligament tear during the second jump training after rehab in July 2017, meniscus surgery in 2019. Freund couldn’t jump for two years.

Thoughts about the end of a career were in the room: “There were some dark moments,” he said to BILD at the time. But Freund kept fighting – and is now very close to the top of the world again.

Will it be his last season? “There is no fixed end time,” he said last.


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