Fortuna fought down – Bindemann lets Prussia cheer

Record setting on Hammer Strasse. Exactly 10883 enthusiastic spectators already had the goal scream on their lips in the 90th minute, believed in the safe 2:0 and the final decision. But you think – Münster striker Alexander Langlitz (31) managed the feat of shoveling the ball from three meters completely unhindered over the empty Cologne box. A miss that extended the tremors and tremors into stoppage time. But fortunately it wasn’t punished anymore…

Fortune defeated. Bindemann lets Prussia cheer!

“If I ever need a bypass, you’re responsible for it,” said coach Sascha Hildmann (50) after the final whistle with Langlitz. Relieved to have defended the top of the table with the hard-fought 1-0 home win over the pursuer. Especially since Arch-rival Rot Weiss Essen also won their catch-up game against Lippstadt (4-0), taking the heart-stopping final in the regional league into the next and fourth-to-last round.

Prussia’s Alexander Langlitz could have crowned his performance with the 2:0, but could not use the big chance just before the final whistlePhoto: Jan Fromme/ firo Sportphoto

It was a damn hard piece of work that the Prussians had to master against the tall guys from the southern part of Cologne. It quickly became apparent that whoever made the first mistake would lose the battle between two extremely strong teams.

And that’s exactly what the guests did in the 77th minute. Fortuna defender Jean-Marie Njadjombe (20) with a ricochet header in his own penalty area – right in front of Deniz Bindemann’s feet (19). The Prussian joker gratefully accepted and volleyed the ball from ten meters into the net. “An incredible feeling,” said the scorer, who had never played in front of so many fans. His fourth goal of the season – and probably the most important in his young career.

Until then, the black-white-greens had been slightly dominating, but could not break the defensive bar of the guests. Gerrit Wegkamp (28) failed in the 7th minute with a 16-meter shot at the fists of Cologne keeper Andre Weis (32). Shortly before the break it was Robin Ziegele (25), who only hit the left outer post. Sören Dieckmann (26) had left Fortuna’s biggest thing in the 11th minute when he too – also promising and free-standing – aimed over Münster’s goal.

10,883 spectators provided a record crowd this season against Fortuna Cologne.  Pure fight for ascent

10,883 spectators provided a record crowd this season against Fortuna Cologne. Pure fight for ascentPhoto: Jan Fromme/ firo Sportphoto

Prussia captain Julian Schauerte (34) took a deep breath after the game: “Cologne are extremely compact and physically strong. They can also play football really well. That was an equal comparison today. With the better ending for us.”

Ziegele also made colleague Langlitz responsible: “Tomorrow a round of pizza is due for everyone. As punishment for not putting the lid on his big chance.”

The victorious eagle carriers are in a good mood, who already have the next great game in front of them on Sunday at Oberhausen (2:00 p.m.), third in the league. Those who climb must also survive there. Up to 6,000 Prussian fans can accompany their boys to the Niederrhein stadium. And provide loud support there too…

INTERESTING: With the self-proclaimed top favorites Essen, the nerves seem to be on edge despite the home win over Lippstadt. With Daniel Davari (34), he has now released his long-standing goalkeeper, who has only been simmering on the bench, from training and games with immediate effect.

“We are in the final stages of the season and still have the opportunity to achieve our big goal. In view of the unsatisfactory results of the last few weeks, it is even more important than ever to join forces. Daniel Davari didn’t take on his role as reserve goalkeeper the way we would have liked. We are firmly convinced that his release is the best solution for everyone involved,” said sporting director Jörn Nowak.


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