Fortuna Düsseldorf: Daniel Thioune promises relegation!

The relegation is not an issue at Fortuna!

Especially not for new coach Daniel Thioune (47) – even if he hadn’t been brought in as the successor to Christian Preusser (38) if the sporting situation with the impending crash into the 3rd division wasn’t so fatal…

It has come a little closer since Tuesday evening. Only a few hours Fortuna coach, not even trained with the team – and already crashed on a relegation zone. It couldn’t have started worse for Thioune. Due to Sandhausen’s 2-0 win at KSC in the catch-up game, Fortuna fell to relegation place 16 and is now three points behind the saving bank.

Hours earlier, the new Düsseldorf coach was presented in a video conference. BILD asked him and also manager Klaus Allofs (65), who in the eyes of many fans had completed the change of coach far too late (BILD reported), whether their contracts also apply to the 3rd division.

► Allofs: “I don’t deal with that at all.”

► Thioune: “The task drives me. I want to build something here next year. So I’ll be on the line in Düsseldorf next season in the 2nd division!”

But first he has to save Fortuna. Hopefully it will work out more smoothly than his performance, which had to be interrupted twice for minutes due to technical problems with the Internet transmission…

Of course, the new coach is aware that the sporting situation is serious. But he also says: “The team has so much potential that it stays above the relegation line.”

His hometown club Osnabrück, which is currently in the 3rd division, could be waiting there. Thioune with a wink: “I don’t even know if we’ll do another friendly against Osnabrück during the international break. But otherwise we would like to see each other next season in the 2nd division.”

Means: He is convinced that he can stay in the league without relegation and problems…

Thioune’s plan: “There have been very few goals scored, none at all in the last four games. That’s the first thing I’m asked to do as a coach. It’s all about results first.”

The colleague Preusser could no longer deliver. Allofs phoned him on Monday and had breakfast with him at his home in Duisburg the next day.

The board: “It was a long breakfast to explain the decision to him. Of course he was disappointed in a way. You can understand that. But we parted on good terms.”

Now Thioune should save Fortuna – hopefully without any problems and noise…

Nagelsmann and Tedesco

On March 9th it will be 7 years. At that time, Thioune passed the UEFA Pro license. With him in the course Julian Nagelsmann (34) and Domenico Tedesco (36) – the current coaches of Bayern and Leipzig.

Thioune: “The course produced a lot of talented coaches. I met a lot of people and colleagues there. Also Jan Hoepner.” And the 40-year-old, previously U17 coach in Leverkusen, will be the new assistant coach in Düsseldorf together with Manfred Stefes (54), who was signed just a few weeks ago.

Incidentally, Christian Weber (38), who came to Düsseldorf as a player in 2009 and has worked as a scout for the past few years, will soon be promoted to Düsseldorf sports director.


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