Fortuna Düsseldorf: Daniel Thioune laughs away the Khaled Narey problem!

Daniel Thioune (47) was presented in Düsseldorf Tuesday at the 15th of the 2nd division. The new coach led the first training session 20 hours later at the 16th – relegation is even closer!

Because Sandhausen won his catch-up game at KSC 2-0, Fortuna is already 3 points behind the saving bank on the relegation rank.

Thioune brushes that off: “I don’t care at all! But only things that we can influence ourselves. And that’s 20, 21 points up for grabs in the last 13 games.”

That would keep Fortuna safe in the 2nd league, fewer points would be enough.

But what caught up with him first is the past…

Because at Fortuna he met Khaled Narey (27) again – he is in Düsseldorf not least because of Thioune. Under him, Narey played less and less at HSV last season and was de facto sorted out. At Fortuna, however, he is by far the best in this grotto season.

And in order to avoid any discussion at all, Thioune went straight to Narey with a happy face and very warmly and hugged him on the square. Clever.

Thioune simply laughs away the Narey problem!

The trainer when asked by BILD: “You always have to separate person and thing. I have certain expectations of all players. I had a very high quality squad in Hamburg. Since Khaled has contributed to his part. Certainly not in the performance he wanted. So it’s legitimate to change. We rode well together.”

He could and MUST do that in Düsseldorf with the other players.

► Thioune was clear in his speech on his first appearance, relaxed at the same time – and clearly the boss on the lawn. The next few weeks will show what everyday life will be like in the fight against relegation…


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