Formula 1: With new steering technology! Mister Safety Car drives races

Back on the racetrack without a steering column!

Safety car driver Bernd Mayländer (49) and DTM record champion Bernd Schneider (56) get back into the car together.

The duo starts in the supporting program at the DTM finale in Hockenheim (November 6th – 8th). In the GTC Race series, Bernd and Bernd drive a Mercedes AMG GT3. Friday alternating with a 60-minute run, Saturday and Sunday each in a half-hour race.

The highlight of the shared company car: It has no steering column! Instead, “steer-by-wire” technology is used to transfer the movements of the steering wheel to the wheels via small electric motors. This technology is the basis for autonomous driving and has been developed and promoted by the Paravan company in the Swabian Alb for over 20 years.

Mayländer, who has otherwise been the Formula 1 Mister Safety Car since 2000, says of BamS: “I don’t notice any difference to conventional GT3 steering. Driving is extremely pleasant. “

The goal of Mayländer and Schneider’s racing: Try out the technology in competition operations and thus provide new data. The “steer-by-wire” technology is particularly helpful when converting vehicles for people with disabilities.

Familiar arrangements: Mayländer (left) and Schneider were already team-mates in the DTMPhoto: private

By the way: Ex-Formula 1 world champion and “Den of Lions” investor Nico Rosberg (35) recently tested the new steering technology in an Audi R8 GT3 and was impressed.

At the DTM finale, Bernd and Bernd now want to win with the new technology!


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