Formula 1: Verstappen explains his escape from the podium after chaos races

He didn’t want to watch that!

It is actually part of the etiquette in Formula 1 that champagne is splashed at the award ceremony and the drivers celebrate together. It was different at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix!

After the trophy was handed over, Max Verstappen (24) waived the traditional cheering ceremony with the oversized champagne bottles. Previously, he had to admit defeat to his World Cup competitor Lewis Hamilton (36) in the race after the two had clashed several times. Hamilton and Verstappen are now tied for the season finale.

Verstappen on the podium escape at Sky: “There was no champagne there. It wasn’t fun. ”Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia, rose water was splashed. Red Bull Motorsport Director Dr. Helmut Marko (78) does not see this as a problem. The Austrian to BILD: “After the race, it’s okay if he shows his emotions.”

The Verstappen exit marked the end of a memorable evening on which it repeatedly looked like both drivers might not finish the race. Above all, Verstappen fought hard for his lead.

Hamilton: “It was important for me to finish both races and get points. It was difficult today under these conditions, but I managed to bring the car home in one piece. “

Several times both came off the track in overtaking maneuvers. It was always Hamilton who had to evade. For one maneuver, the stewards penalize Verstappen with a 5-second penalty.

Verstappen angrily: “I find it interesting that I get punished if both of them cross the line. It was okay in Brazil, I’m getting a penalty here. But I’m not too busy with it, we have to look ahead. “

The race reaches its climax on lap 37! Verstappen got the message from his team that he had to let Hamilton by. He had previously left the track again during a defensive maneuver. But Verstappen brakes so abruptly that the man behind opens up.

Hamilton has clearly identified the culprit: “I did not understand what happened there. He braked, then we touched and then he got faster again. “

Verstappen doesn’t see the mistake: “I braked so he could drive past. Then we touched. I don’t quite understand what happened there. “

A good three hours after the end of the race, the racing referees pronounced a penalty against Verstappen for the maneuver against Hamilton: 10 seconds later. But they do not change anything in the overall result.

The season finale will take place in Abu Dhabi on December 12th. Both are currently tied. Who does better, becomes world champion. If both are eliminated, the champion is called Verstappen. The final, it is guaranteed to be exciting and dogged again.


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