Formula 1: This stunt woman should help Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin!

She is an expert when it comes to really cracking and rattling in the car. Sebastian Vettel (33) is now supposed to benefit from this in Formula 1 …

Before the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday (3 p.m. / Sky), Aston Martin announced that Jessica Hawkins (26) will be the new driver ambassador for the Vettel racing team.

The Briton drives in the women’s racing series “W Series” – and has above all gained high-horsepower experience as a stunt driver.

Hawkins put in rapid laps for the action show “Fast and Furious Live” and also took part in the new James Bond film “No Time to Die” (in theaters from October).

Vettel on Hawkins: “A great addition to our team. Maybe she brings something that we don’t have yet. I look forward to meeting you.”

A stunt woman for Vettel!

Hawkins to BILD: “The driving style with which you drive a car sideways in a large cloud of smoke is a little different than that with which you are fast on a racetrack. You have to be focused on both, and mistakes are expensive in both situations and must be avoided. “

How exactly is stunt woman Jessica supposed to help Vettel now?

Because the season in their racing series does not start until June 26th in Austria, Hawkins is supposed to scrub kilometers in the team’s simulator at the Silverstone factory and further optimize the driving behavior of the Aston Martin car.

As a child, the Briton was a Schumi fan!

Hawkins: “My father and I always watched Formula One together. Back then, Schumacher and Alonso dominated. I have nothing but good wishes for Michael and his family. It’s nice to see his son Mick in Formula 1 this year and also how well he is doing … “


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