Formula 1 stars grumble – now even Zoff about the safety car

Slow down, slow down, safety car?

Formula 1 has two safety cars: an AMG Mercedes and an Aston Martin. The drivers have a clear favorite: Mercedes. Because the Aston Martin is apparently much slower, which caused problems for the drivers to get the tires up to temperature.

World champion Max Verstappen (24) grumbled: “The safety car was as slow as a turtle. Incredible. 140 on the straight without a damaged car nearby. I didn’t understand why we had to drive so slowly.”

Charles Leclerc (24) led the race and was able to see exactly what was wrong.

The Monegasque: “To be honest, I wanted to complain, but then I saw how the car slipped in the corners. Da didn’t want to exert any more pressure.”

Apparently the safety car driver Bernd Mayländer was at the limit and got everything out of the car. Mercedes driver George Russell (24) gave a small tip against the competition’s safety car. His favorite, of course, comes from his own house.

The Mercedes was used in Saudi ArabiaPhoto: picture alliance / DPPI media

Russell: “We don’t have that problem with the Mercedes Safety Car. It’s definitely five seconds faster than Aston Martin’s.”

Bitter: Sebastian Vettel’s (34) Aston Martin team only drives behind. The Brits have a speed problem. And twice that…


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