Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel loses his strategy boss at Aston Martin

Vettel loses his most important woman in the racing team!

Before the start of the new season, Sebastian Vettel (34) has to cope with a departure from Aston Martin. His former chief of strategy Bernadette, called “Bernie”, Collins (35) is leaving the team.

The racing team confirmed this to BILD. The position for a new strategist has already been advertised.

Collins has been a strategy engineer at Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point) since 2015. She was considered a great talent early on in Formula 1 when she completed her first internship at McLaren in her early 20s. Among other things, she was responsible for deciding when Vettel would pit.

The young Irish woman was able to celebrate two podiums with Vettel in 2021 after his move to Aston Martin, one of which Vettel was ultimately allowed to keep. They trumped in the chaos races. Vettel finished second in Baku. In Budapest, too, but he was subsequently disqualified because he didn’t have enough fuel in the tank after the end of the race.

Aston Martin will officially unveil Vettel’s new Formula 1 racer on February 10th. Tests will be in Barcelona from February 23rd to 25th and again in Bahrain from March 10th to 12th. The first race of the season will take place there on March 20th.


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