Formula 1: Kimi Raikkonen clears Sebastian Vettel – is he too old?

Sebastian Vettel (34) drives 70 laps in a rather uneventful race in Austria. Then, of all people, he crashes into his old friend Kimi Räikkönen (41).

Kimi rams Vettel out!

The German passed the Finn with five corners to go, but the Alfa Romeo driver pulled too far to the right and hit the Aston Martin on the left rear wheel. Raikkonen receives a 20-second penalty and two penalty points after the race.

Vettel to BILD: “I didn’t see exactly what actually happened in the car. I was already past him. But nothing happens, not hurt, everything is fine. “

Would he have reacted so mildly to any driver?

Both teammates were at Ferrari for four years. A respectful relationship between two world champions that turned into friendship over time.

Raikkonen at Sky: “Our bikes touched and we took off. It wouldn’t have changed much in terms of the result. ”Both old masters were outside the points.

Is Raikkonen too old for Formula 1?

His world title was 14 years ago and he only got one point this season. Raikkonen has fun driving and had his wife Minttu and his two children with them in Spielberg. It’s been a long time since he was about victories. Quite different with Max Verstappen (23)!

The Red Bull star wins his third race in 15 days; at least 20,000 Holland fans among the 62,000 in Spielberg celebrate the hat-trick with him. Verstappen: “What a motivation to see so many orange fans here.”

His title rival Lewis Hamilton, who has extended at Mercedes until 2023, is only fourth behind Valtteri Bottas and Lando Norris and is now 32 points behind. Mick Schumacher (22) lands in 18th place.


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