Formula 1: Is Lewis Hamilton really thinking about resigning after missing the world title?

“I’ll never get in Lewis’ way when it comes to his life choices.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff (49) via Lewis Hamilton (36) to BILD.

Is the seven-time world champion thinking of resigning after the frustration of Abu Dhabi?

The fact is: The frustration runs deep. Very deeply with the British, who publicly – except for his accolade by Prince Charles – has gone underground and is silent.

After the controversial decision of the race management, his dream fell through on the last five kilometers of the season. Max Verstappen (24) snatched the title from him and picked up the World Cup trophy on Thursday at the gala in Paris.

On the same day, Toto Wolff surprised with a sentence that made fans sit up and take notice: “I hope Lewis continues.”

Verstappen advises the older rival: “He should look back on what he has already achieved. That should give him a lot of comfort and should also be the incentive to keep going. “

Where is Hamilton? In his English homeland, yesterday he was in Brixworth and Brackley. There are Mercedes factories. He skipped the world championship in Paris.

Wolff hopes Hamilton will stay in the car. Says BILD: “I am optimistic. The last four races were absolutely dominant. That’s why I assume that he will drive with us next year and will celebrate more successes. “

Lewis Hamilton (left) disappointed, behind it world champion Verstappen celebratesPhoto: HAMAD I MOHAMMED / REUTERS

The former motorsport boss of Mercedes Norbert Haug (69) to BILD: “I am convinced that in Lewis the competition fire burned as always until the last lap. And hopefully the safety car in Abu Dhabi was not on the road as a fire engine. “

The motorsport expert on Hamilton: “First and foremost, what needs to be emphasized is that Lewis immediately congratulated his victorious rival just minutes after he was denied his eighth world title, which he believed to be safe, without a mistake. The bow to such a sportsman can not be deep enough, his congratulations, especially in this bad minute for him, deserves the title of world posture champion for me. Posture points are sometimes far more important and weighty than World Cup points. “

BILD knows: Before the last races, Hamilton had the ambition to drive Formula 1 for more years. Sir Lewis Hamilton, as he is now officially called, on SPORT BILD: “My passion for sport is unbroken.” However, that was before the scandal finale …

Haug continues: “It would be fatal for Formula 1, for sport as a whole and for all humanistic issues that Lewis drives forward more resolutely than any other superstar in the sport, if Hamilton would turn his back on Formula 1.”


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