Formula 1: Crash between Schumacher and Vettel prevents points in Miami

Is that bitter!

Because Mick Schumacher (23) and Sebastian Vettel (34) crash into each other shortly before the end of the Miami Grand Prix, both miss the points! For Mick it would have been the first of his career.

World champion Max Verstappen (24) wins. In front of more than 80,000 fans (ticket prices up to 12,000 dollars), he cashes in both Ferraris and gets the third triumph of the season. Charles Leclerc (24) came in second, with Carlos Sainz (27) third.

First shock before the start: Vettel was not on the starting grid. Apparently the fuel in his Aston Martin was too cold. Like his teammate Lance Stroll (23), he has to start from the pits. So it’s clear: Vettel is last… And that’s before it even started.

Leclerc can stay ahead at the start. But his team-mate is immediately put under pressure by Verstappen, Sainz still has to let the world champion pass in the first corner. The reason: Verstappen brakes super late and thus gains an advantage.

Ferrari imagined things differently. The advantage of dominating the race from the front and being able to impose your tactics on the others – gone!

At the start, Verstappen was able to overtake SainzPhoto: Mark Thompson/AFP

Things are going better for Mick at first. Due to the pit starters and Russell’s poor start, he was able to fight his way up to eleventh place – and on the second lap he grabbed Daniel Ricciardo (32) in the McLaren. Schumi Jr. is eleventh now!

Round six: Mick is also past Yuki Tsunoda (21). The Japanese in the Alpha Tauri tries everything to defend the place, but Mick doesn’t give up. made strong. He is now in the top ten – and therefore on course for points.

First place is at stake much further up. In lap nine, Verstappen can claw Leclerc with the DRS advantage on the start-finish straight and overtakes again in turn one. Apparently THE critical point of the route.

The order at the top: Verstappen, Leclerc, Sainz. The world champion has sat in front of the Ferrari duo – and can pull away.

Mick is also overtaken. And that, of all people, from teammate Kevin Magnussen (29). But he goes into the pits a little later as the first of the Haas drivers. Mick comes in on lap 15 and gets the hardest tire compound.

In lap 20, Lando Norris (22) loses three places in just half a lap. When he comes out of the pit exit, first Stroll, then Vettel and finally Magnussen pass. A little later, the McLaren driver also has to let Mick pass.

Mick Schumacher is driving his second season for Haas

Mick Schumacher is driving his second season for HaasPhoto: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP

And Leclerc also seems to have problems. “The car is so difficult to drive,” he radios on lap 25 – and immediately comes into the pits. The Ferrari comes out behind Sergio Pérez (32), who is third in his Red Bull.

A lap later, Verstappen follows suit. His stop is 0.9 seconds faster than Leclerc’s. He is more than seven seconds ahead of Monegasque. After about half of the completed laps, both Red Bulls and Ferraris were already changing tires. That doesn’t change the order. Verstappen is still ahead of Leclerc and Sainz, with Pérez behind them.

On lap 32, Mick can work his way up one place again. Together with Magnussen, he drives past Vettel. Seb wasn’t in the pits yet. Mick’s next target: the teammate. On lap 35 he overtakes Magnussen.

Shock moment after 41 laps! After a contact between Pierre Gasly and Norris, Norris’ right rear tire bursts. The Brit spins around several times, but is able to intercept the car before it crashes into the barriers. But the tire detaches from the car and keeps rolling – faster than the car!

As a result, the safety car comes out and everyone who hasn’t stopped yet drives into the pits. As a result, Mick is back in the top ten. He’s in ninth place.

On lap 46 the safety car comes back in. restart! Esteban Ocon (25), who is behind Mick, has fresh soft tires and can put a lot of pressure on the German. Leclerc does the same. He’s hot on Verstappen’s heels. But both Mick and Verstappen can initially defend their places.

Then the decisive accident occurs. Ocon, Vettel and Mick are in a three-way battle for the points. When the two Germans have passed Ocon, they drive into the curve together – and crash!

Mick has to pit and gets a new front wing. He had destroyed half of it in the crash. After all, he can continue, albeit as the last. Vettel has to park his car.


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