Former striker changes – Vorbeck now has a gym

As a professional (Hansa Rostock, Dynamo Dresden, FC Augsburg), Marco Vorbeck (40) had to struggle to be in top physical condition. Now he’s turning the tables: Vorbeck has been running a fitness studio since the beginning of the year!

A second mainstay for the ex-striker. Vorbeck reveals: “My brother-in-law also has a studio, which gave me the idea.”

In the center of Wittstock (Brandenburg, on the border to MeckPomm) he found what he was looking for and, with the help of friends and family, converted an empty former supermarket. And after three months of construction, opened a branch of the “Fitplus” chain. Vorbeck: “I have a franchise license, initially for six years.”

There are currently 38 devices on 600 square meters. Opening hours are from 5 a.m. to midnight. “Actually, a lot of people come before or after the shift.” How does the studio work under pandemic conditions? Vorbeck: “A QR code on the cell phone is the door opener for the studio. And it will only be activated when we have the vaccination card.”

Vorbeck fitness trainer!

He doesn’t have an extra license: “But of course I know my way around quite well thanks to my professional days and my training as a football coach.”

His football coaching career is currently on hold: “But maybe I’ll do something in the region.”

From the TV he keeps his fingers crossed for his ex-club Hansa: “I hope that I can go back to the stadium with my family soon.”


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