“For Valentine’s Day, roses are no! »

Benjamin Perot’s career was sewn with gold thread. After graduating from Edhec, a renowned business school, the co-founder of Monsieur Marguerite embarked on finance. He was then 23 years old, began by doing audits for large groups and then, on his own, consulting in business performance… Nothing that was very commonplace after this type of study: “I was never bored in my job. Corn, he said, advancing age [il n’a aujourd’hui que 35 ans, n’exagérons rien], I had more and more the desire to set up a real commercial enterprise, with a tangible product, and strong human relations. »

A return from the countryside, arms laden with a bouquet from the garden, gives him the keys to his future profession. He will be a florist… or almost. He embarks on the adventure his friend Ludovic Mareau, met on the benches of the school. The storytelling stops there. The 30-something knows his marketing and knows that good things should not be abused…

Benjamin Perot, on the left, and Ludovic Mareau, on the right, co-founders of Monsieur Marguerite. (©MONSIEUR MARGUERITE)

But the name that these two acolytes give to their future online cut flower sales site – Monsieur Marguerite – ticks all the boxes at the moment: an ounce of masculinity claimed in a traditionally feminine sector, a pinch of childhood memories that we peel the leaves while declaiming “I love you, passionately, not at all”… and, to wrap it all up, a rustic and popular perfume that suits it perfectly.

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