For bars and restaurants, “the real reopening is on June 9”

They are authorized to reopen outdoors from May 19. But, in Île-de-France, one in two establishments could remain closed.

The long-awaited party for the reopening of the terraces will not necessarily take place. If bars and restaurants are allowed to reopen outdoors from May 19, many will wait until June 9 to really restart.

Economic conditions are not required», Estimates Pascal Mousset, president of the National Group of Independents (GNI) Île-de-France. “Not all of them have a terrace; the cover at 9 pm is not compatible with the activity of bars for example; the teleworking that continues in business districts is slowing down the arrival of customers who usually go to restaurants for lunch. And if on May 19th it hails, it is not possible», He sums up. “For us, the real opening will be in June, with the possibility of opening until 11 p.m. and welcoming customers inside.He continues.

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As a result, in the Paris region, one in two restaurants could decide not to reopen before June 9, anticipates the representative of this professional organization. Refusing to make any predictions, Jean Terlon, vice-president of the catering branch of Umih (Union des Métiers et des Industries de l’Hôtellerie), also believes that “the real reopening is June 9“. Before this deadline, some will decide to reopen. This will probably be the case, for example, near the coast, in areas where many French people plan to take the air from May 3. Others will prefer to wait until June 9. “It will be a personal calculation of each restaurant, depending on the climate, the aids, the condition of the equipment that has not worked for months, the teams …», He explains.

However, the situation will be different for hotel restaurants. The Secretary of State in charge of Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, said Friday on BFMTV that“It will be possible, at the same time as the terraces are reopened, for hoteliers to provide catering for their clients and only their clients”. As of May 19, they can therefore be served “seated” in the establishment’s restaurant. Sanitary measures currently require them to eat in their rooms.

Gradual withdrawal of aid

To support the restart of bars, cafes and restaurants, stopped for seven months, economic aid will be maintained identically for the month of May, said Emmanuel Macron in his interview with the regional press, about different phases of the gradual lifting of health restrictions.

The end of aid will be gradual. Professionals in the sector should be fixed soon. “Consultations with representatives of the business sectors concerned will be carried out in the coming days in order to prepare for the resumption of activity. The gradual withdrawal of aid from June will be discussed in particular on this occasion.», One specifies in Bercy, in the cabinet of Alain Griset, the Minister Delegate in charge of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.


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