Food supplements: how the French pass the pill

Dilemma in the bathroom. ” And if I did I finish the box anyway? Anne wondered one morning while brushing her teeth. The day before, the well-groomed fifty-something discovered in the press that she had it all wrong. At least by swallowing a capsule of turmeric and one of zinc daily. After an alert disseminated by the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES), the article warned against certain food supplements.

Several plants have been identified as exhibiting counterproductive effects in the defense against the coronavirus, reports the Agency », She read, startled. Until now, she thought she had the best control over the inevitable aging process which leads – among other things – to painful joints and wrinkling. In fact, with her house cocktail, she opened a boulevard to Covid-19. Among the incriminated plants (willow, meadowsweet, liquorice, poplar…) was indeed turmeric. “Phew, at least the zinc is out of the question », She consoled herself.

The ANSES alert dates back to April 14. But then it goes unnoticed. At the time, we had other fish to fry (telework, home school …), other dangers to face (the “ droplets In suspension, the government’s unpreparedness…). And on that day precisely, the confinement was extended until May 11. So the capsules … And yet millions of tablets, ampoules, “& n

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