Flying Monkey, The Flying Monkey Delta Exposed!

Flying Monkey Delta

One of the latest inventions in commercial transportation, flying monkeys are a great addition to the aircraft environment. Most pilots I meet would be willing to take a flyer off the top of my head if the offer was open to the public. The concept is simple, put the flying monkey on the front of an aircraft as baggage and take it with you. In this case, I am talking about the Delta Airlines flying monkeys that are now offered by the airline.

For some reason, I had never heard of the flying monkey until I started doing research for this article. The flying monkeys are actually a type of rodent that looks more like a rat than a monkey. The name “flying rat” is based on their ability to jump really high, some have been reported to jump a mile (!). With all of that jumping ability, it seems they would be perfect for a job working in the aircraft engine or maintenance. It is also thought that the flying squirrels may be a good candidate for an airplane flying position as well.

Flying monkey delta 8

The Delta Airlines flying squirrels are actually squirrels that are painted black instead of the typical green of most animals. They have what looks very much like a tail, but no ears. When the squirrel jumps out of the plane, it makes quite an impact as it streaks through the air, but it only weighs about a pound. Once it lands, the tail just falls off like a tail of a sheep, which is how the Delta monkeys got their name.

Flying Monkey, The Flying Monkey Delta Exposed!

Now, lets get to the flying monkeys, these guys are actually jaguars with an attached pom-pom. They come equipped with a little nozzle for when they land on a person (the pilot) and spray the oil in the faces of all who will get in their way. Now, this is one of those jobs where you might want to watch the children at the park. If you have a kid running around with oil on their face, this is the perfect job for you!

The flying monkey act is very popular at parties, fairs and corporate events. You can get a flying monkey at most any event that you can think of, the limits really are endless. You will be hard pressed to not notice a flying monkey by now. I recommend that you keep one around as a novelty, you never know when one might just pop up at your next party!

For those of you with kids at home, you could always teach them how to prepare a flying monkey. Give them a red plastic bottle filled with warm water and some dish soap. They could make a noise with the bottle, shake it and splash it a bit of oil into the faces of those who they are racing with. Be sure to have plenty of goggles on hand as well. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be an awesome idea, one that will definitely get lots of laughs from the adults in your family.

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