Flea market: here are 5 accounts to follow on Instagram

Impossible to hurry glued tight in the 50,000 flea markets and garage sales that usually flourish every year in France? Never mind ! While waiting for better days, and the return of our carefree strolls, we will go find on the Web the ceramic vase or the pedestal table worthy of matching the retro wallpaper of his living room.
With or without Covid, the number of Instagrammer accounts dedicated to Chinese art has multiplied. The user manual ? We carefully scrutinize the published photos of the items put up for sale, we send the author of the account a private message (DM) and we agree with him or her to collect by post or hand to hand the coveted object, making sure to carry out the transaction via a secure site. Here our selection:


Daphne launched @labrocantedefarine, 6,500 subscribers to date, in October 2019, on a whim. After moving, she had organized a sale of furniture that she wanted to get rid of on her personal account. “Everything started very quickly! My friends loved it and they advised me to start my flea market. Then, everything happened quickly! “

Since then, this young woman with a sure taste of china furniture, crockery, paintings, chairs, vases… In short, everything she loves! Everything starts very quickly, and its community is very responsive. She says she appreciates this social network for its ease of use: “You really have that catalog side where you can see someone’s universe easily. By going to my account you can see directly what my style is, the way I like to arrange, what type of object I am selling ”.

What does antiquing mean?

This is why the staging of her objects is very important to her: “When I take my photos, I try to contextualize the objects. I don’t just sell an armchair or a vase, I sell a decorative item that fits completely into any home. “ . In his opinion, not everyone has the time or the inclination to go hunting in a flea market: “I have clients who don’t hunt at all because they don’t like it, they have trouble imagining certain pieces at home and seeing the potential of certain objects”.

With success, her apartment has become both her photo studio, her place of storage, cleaning or restoration, but it is also the place where she receives her clients who have come to collect their objects. She assumes: “What I like about storing at home is, outside of confinement, the possibility of making human contacts. There is a real bond that is being created. It is no longer simply: “I bought a vase on this instagram account”, But “It is Daphne who found these plates and I am going to meet her” “.


Ophélia is 29 years old and created the @SouikaParis account, 11,400 subscribers to date. His hobby is Moroccan craftsmanship, more particularly Berber rugs. She travels the Moroccan valleys to find rugs from artisans or former families of weavers who want to get rid of them. She remembers with nostalgia:

“As a child, I spent my summers in our family home, a Riad nestled in the heart of the Rabat medina. I grew up with all these Moroccan artisans ”.

The almost thirty-year-old only searches for what she likes, and it shows. Her universe with Moroccan inspirations is revealed perfectly through a colorful, warm and vintage. “I love to combine Moroccan rugs with the style of Haussmann apartments. It creates a pretty darn interesting contrast ”


A little less than two years ago, Viola, an art student, decided to share her passion for the arts of the table. vintage by posting a photo from an old cookbook to his Instagram account, @Casaviolastudio. “At that time I wasn’t selling my objects, I just wanted to share my passion” she says.

This enthusiast began to regularly publish table settings with slip crockery, old tablecloths and recipes of all kinds. Very quickly, his universe, both sweet and colorful, was quickly noticed by the stylist Jacquemus, who shared his creations on his Instagram account. “It was there that I said to myself that maybe there was something to do, and I started to sell the objects that I put on stage”.

Viola offers a selection of objects, from tableware to vases and knick-knacks of all kinds. “I search for a lot of things that are no longer made today, such as glass bags, trinkets, always with original shapes and vibrant colors! “

Viola’s vintage universe has its roots in her mother’s old cookbooks. “I have always liked the photos of old cookbooks, they look very vintage and at the same time they have a little fun touch to the Desperate Housewives”.

The objects that she finds are unique, she looks at them with a certain tenderness: “Sometimes I buy objects from grannies who no longer want to see their slushy crockery or their ‘Murano’ objects. They can, however, have some value. They are like treasures for me! “ she explains.

His attention to detail is reflected in a harmonious feed, and staging designed to be natural, spontaneous and aesthetic. “What I like about the design set is being able to bring together all the objects I love and being able to bring them to life together, creating a whole story through beautiful colors, beautiful textures. “


Jeremy is 32 years old. On his Instagram account @Chairchaise, he mainly sells “seats”, but not only. He explains his passion to us: “There are chairs in every house and we all know what they are for. But at the same time they are available in an infinite number of possible designs, whether it be the shape of the legs, the backrest or the materials used. “

Since the pandemic, his account has gained thousands of followers. Today he brings together a community eager for his finds: more than 40,000 subscribers on Instagram!

His trademark ? He takes his photos in his living room, always in the same place, always with the same angle, a simple and recurring arrangement that is his style.

“My account, I find it quite simple, spontaneous and efficient, it ultimately looks a lot like me. When I like something I tend to buy it in several installments » he sums up.


Maëva is from Lyon, she created @mondouxbazar (more than 9,000 subscribers) a little over a year ago. On her account, she mainly sells small decoration, in a very romantic, flowery and colorful style with a beautiful art deco spirit. Her favorite object is the Tiffany lamp that she finds everywhere and which is very popular with her community.

She explains her passion for second hand objects: “For me it’s like a game, going hunting I go on an adventure, I never know what I’m going to bring back! “. Sometimes, it’s much easier for your community to go directly to their Instagram account: “It’s easy for the customer to pick from my selection. When I go to a flea market, it’s sometimes dusty, the objects are poorly stored, you really have to keep an eye and target the right objects! I do all this for them! “

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