Five goals after a dead ball: Thielemann sets the standards at Hansa

Both goals in Hansa’s 2: 1 against Darmstadt fell after the ball was inactive. No coincidence: Because in standard situations the Rostockers are currently on top!

Five of Hansa’s eight league goals fell to a corner (Hanover, Darmstadt), free kick (Karlsruhe, Darmstadt) or throw-in (Hanover). In addition, the revoked 1-0 against KSC. Strong balance!

As in the textbook: John Verhoek (2nd from left) has run free and damages the Omladic free kick into the Darmstadt goalPhoto: Andy Bünning

“First and foremost, a compliment for the guys who have implemented a lot of things very well that we thought up in advance,” says assistant trainer Ronny Thielemann (47), who is responsible for the standards. “That is absolutely satisfactory. In the analyzes of the past seasons, we have seen development potential that we can concede fewer goals and have to achieve more. In the first year we had a totally negative balance, last year we turned slightly positive. “

And currently the numbers are strikingly good: five own goals, two goals against. This is also due to the fact that in one unit per week the focus is completely on standards – with inventor Thielemann.

So is that the reward? “Nice. That’s why you train it so that there are automatisms that lead to success. But it has to be a steady positive development. It never stops. “

Thielemann explains: “These situations are eminently important regardless of the league. You have control over where you play the ball and where you run to. It is also important: What kind of shooter do you have and what kind of target player do you have? We are well positioned there. “

The main preparers are Nik Omladic (twice on Sunday), as well as Simon Rhein, Bentley Baxter Bahn and Nico Neidhart. The best buyers are long John Verhoek (1.88 meters) and Damian Roßbach (1.87).

And with Lukas Fröde (1.92) there was one more who became a hero against Darmstadt …


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