First Gala, then Malle – 1. FC Magdeburg celebrates mega graduation

Champions and second division climbers! The season could not have gone better for 1. FC Magdeburg. The people from the Elbe were the measure of all things in terms of play right from the start. And the FCM also proved that at the third division farewell in Osnabrück.

Although coach Christian Titz (51) relied on numerous kickers from the second row, there was a 5:1 gala at Bremer Brücke (FCM goals: Conteh/7th, Ceka/49th, Rorig/57th, Kwarteng/62nd ., Bell Bell/73.)

The third division coach of the season praises: “A good game. For me it was a nice thing because the guys who were behind were rewarded.”

Best offensive, strongest home and away team and with Baris Atik the kicker of the year in the team – the FCM played a season of superlatives.

And now it’s time to celebrate! On Sunday, the climber flew to Mallorca to party. Titz on BILD: “It was an absolute wish of the team that we only do it after the end of the season because they said they didn’t want to influence league operations in any way. I thought that was very good of them.”

Tobias Müller (l.) And Sebastian Jakubiak take the Osnabrück Oliver wahling in the pliersPhoto: Getty Images for DFB

Three wet and happy days lie ahead before the preparations for the state cup final on Saturday against Wernigerode begin on Thursday.

Titz wants the double and remains relaxed despite the Ballermann trip: “I’m not worried because the team is in good rhythm and in good condition. Normally it was planned that we would reduce the load at that point.”

Fix: According to BILD information, Sirlord Conteh has signed for SC Paderborn.


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