Financial scams: regulators reiterate their call for vigilance

With the Covid-19 pandemic, new scams have appeared, such as fake jackpots for caregivers.

After a year 2020 which has seen a number of financial scams relating to the Covid-19 pandemic flourish, financial sector regulators once again insisted on Wednesday on the necessary vigilance in the face of any attractive offer.

This recall follows several warnings issued last year and a communication campaign disseminated in particular on social networks. In front of “industrialization of the phenomenon of scams“,”it is important to deploy prevention messages for all savers», Underlined Claire Castanet, in charge of the protection of savers at the Financial Markets Authority (AMF), during a joint press conference with the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR).

This subject is considered all the more important since the sums are in great majority definitely lost for the victims. In 2020, the two authorities added nearly 1,200 sites or entities to their “blacklists», Against around 500 in 2019. In total, the ACPR and the AMF have registered nearly 2,500 names on one of these lists, which are accessible to the public.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, new scams have appeared, with, for example, fake jackpots for caregivers. Faced with the fear of the future, some scams have offered false savings accounts, surfing on guarantees and while the Livret A has experienced a record collection. “Scammers follow the news day by day», Warned Dominique Laboureix, secretary general of the ACPR.

1 billion euros stolen over two years

Scams around bogus financial investments, which promise staggering returns, can have dramatic consequences, with losses estimated on average at 40,000 euros. In 2020, the proposal to invest in fictitious airport parking lots with crooks taking over big names in the construction industry, “much trouble», Explained Ms. Castanet.

Unfortunately, we thought that the wave was over, but we still have, in 2021, a number of complaints on this plan.She continued. For the moment, no figures are known as to the total number of victims. In 2019, an investigation estimated that around one billion euros had been stolen over two years.


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