Finance Ministry told states- Corona vaccine should be provided to banks, insurance employees on priority

New Delhi: The Finance Ministry on Friday asked the state governments to give priority to Kovid-19 vaccination to employees of banks and insurance companies, as they are exposed to high risk during this difficult time.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretaries of States and Union Territories, Secretary of the Department of Financial Services, Devashish Panda said that states, banks, insurance companies, business correspondents, payment systems and other financial services companies have been given priority by the state. Vaccination of employees should be done under special arrangement.

Panda tweeted with the letter, ‘Salute to our bank employees, insurers, payment service providers, bank friends for ensuring uninterrupted supply of banking and financial services to the needy people in this challenging time.’ He also mentioned that many of these employees died due to Kovid-19. He said, ‘Governments of all the States / Union Territories are requested to help the local authorities in ensuring the supply of banking and financial services. They should be vaccinated on a priority basis so that the high risk for them can be reduced. ‘

Referring to some cases of misbehavior with bank employees by state law enforcement officers during the local lockdown, the letter said that the smooth movement of these officers should be ensured. Panda also asked the chief secretaries to instruct the district administration and local authorities to cooperate with banks and financial services employees and provide them adequate security.

Death of many employees

Welcoming the move, General Secretary of All India Bank Employees Union CH Venkatachalam said that vaccination on priority basis is very important. Vecatachalam demanded that the Financial Services Department may also issue some minimum guidelines on the functioning of banks. According to data from the Indian Bank Association (IBA), out of the total 13.5 lakh employees in the banking sector, last year, about 600 employees died due to Kovid-19.


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