Final on June 30th? Thuringians find a cup solution

The Thuringian clubs have found a solution for the cup competition. The association invited to a video conference on Friday evening and suggested playing the winner on three dates starting in mid-June. However, this would have meant that some teams would have been eliminated by drawing lots if more than eight clubs had decided to participate. BILD revealed this plan in advance.

This nonsense is off the table!

After a discussion, it was decided that five game dates, which could culminate in the final on June 30th, will be kept so that all 32 clubs remaining in the competition can take part. In the next 14 days, those responsible for the clubs should be able to think about whether they can secure their participation. In the last week of May it should then be clear who is participating.

Then there is a lottery – in such a way that all rounds are determined in advance. The game will start in mid-June.

Jena manager Chris Förster (49) describes this variant as a good solution. No wonder: it was he who got them on their way. The association has shown itself to be very cooperative. “We spoke openly with each other and found a solution that was acceptable to everyone,” says Förster.

This became necessary because the upper division Rot-Weiß Erfurt and FC “An der Fahner Höhe” appealed against the fixed final between the regional division Jena and Meuselwitz and were right before the sports court.


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