Filipino beauty crowned Miss International Transgender

ThailandFuschia Anne Ravena – Filipino, 27 years old – surpassed 22 contestants to win Miss International Transgender 2022.

In the final evening of June 25, in the final question and answer session, Fuschia Anne Ravena was asked: “If you win, you will start our campaign and teach people about such inequalities. any?”.

She said she wants to inspire people about love and peace to eliminate inequality. “We only live once and breathe the same air. We all have our differences”, Ravena ended the contest with a sentence in Thai thanking the audience.

The moment Fuschia Anne Ravena was crowned Miss International Transgender 2022. Miss Valentina Fluchaire, Mexico, handed the crown to her successor. Video: Random TV

Fuschia Anne Ravena - beautiful Filipino at the Miss International Transgender 2022 contest. Photo: Miss International Queen

Fuschia Anne Ravena – beautiful Filipino at Miss International Transgender 2022. Photo: Miss International Queen

Fuschia Anne Ravena, 27 years old, from Cebu City. She is the first Miss International Transgender Philippines, crowned in March. The beauty took 5 years to transition, after being inspired by a close friend.

Ravena thanks her mother for always guiding her through everything in life. The beauty said that her family was very supportive when she decided to be transgender in 2013. She also thanked the fans for their support during the competition.

Bea Marquez of Colombia won the title of 1st runner-up. Aëla Chanel of France was the 2nd runner-up. Tran Dai and contestants from Thailand and Venezuela participated in the top 6. Vietnamese beauty also won the sub contest Talented beauty with contestants from Thailand and Venezuela. dance performance inspired by the image of a phoenix rising from fire and ashes. Yushin of Japan won the national costume award. Thailand’s representative Kwanlada Rungrojampa won the best evening gown award.

Tran Dai top 6 finalists of Miss International Transgender 2022

Tran Dai entered the top 6 of Miss International Transgender 2022. Video: Miss International Queen

The final of this year’s contest took place on the evening of June 25 in Pattaya, Thailand with the participation of 23 beauties from many countries and territories. In the program, they participated in national costume, evening gown, swimsuit and question and answer competitions. The top 11 include India (by audience vote), Mexico, South Korea, Vietnam, France, Thailand, Venezuela, Philippines, Cambodia, Colombia and Peru.

Miss International Queen, held in Thailand since 2004 – is one of the world’s largest beauty pageants for transgender people. Contest stopped last year due to Covid-19. Vietnamese contestants who have attracted attention in the contest include Do Nhat Ha (Top 6 finalists), Bui Dinh Hoai Sa (Top 12), Huong Giang crowned in 2018.

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