Fight for the Prussian comeback: Wegkamp wobbles in front of the top game

That probably boils down to a millimeter decision …

Fight for the Prussian comeback. Wegkamp continues to wobble for the top game!

Although the regional league plan gives Münster’s kickers a game-free Easter weekend, at least one of them is very busy. Gerrit Wegkamp (27) gives everything in rehab to get his muscle problems in his right rear thigh under control.

Time is running out. Already on Wednesday (7.4./6.30 p.m.), front runner Dortmund II will come to the Prussian Stadium to test the strength of the two best teams from the second half of the season.

BILD asked the storm veteran: Will you get fit in time?

Wegkamp shrugging his shoulders: “Unfortunately, I can’t assess it at the moment. Sometimes I have a good feeling, sometimes less. I just have to wait for the next few days and see how the muscles react to stress. “

In the 2-0 win against Wuppertal (March 24th), the ex-Bundesliga professional (2 first division appearances for Fortuna Düsseldorf) suffered the annoying injury. The doctors assumed a break of no more than 10 days. However, that should now be tight. Wegkamp’s plan: “I have to be back in team training on Monday and be able to take part in the last two units before the BVB game without any symptoms. Otherwise it makes no sense for me and the team. “

A race against the clock with a hopefully positive outcome. Because if Wegkamp should also fail, the Prussians would go into the duel with the championship leader, doubly weakened. Alexander Langlitz (30), currently the most successful striker in the eagle jersey with 11 goals this season, is also missing because of the 5th yellow card.

There is also a small question mark behind midfield clearer Dennis Daube (31) due to a cervical strain from the Straelen game (3: 1) last Wednesday.

In addition to Gerrit Wegkamp (r.), The use of Prussia’s defensive midfield clearer Dennis Daube (l.) Against Dortmund due to a cervical spinal strain is also questionable Photo: firo Sportphoto

But regardless of which eleven Münster’s head coach Sascha Hildmann (48) can ultimately muster – the goal remains the same. Victory! His boys are unbeaten for 13 games in a row. A super series that should also be continued against Dortmund’s U23. Especially since the guests cannot compete with the best cast, because playmaker Taylan Duman (23) is out of action for weeks with a torn tendon. Hildmann: “We approach every task with full motivation in order to win it. No matter what the opponent is called … “

Against the “little Borussia”, in the league even 17 times without defeat, the ambition is guaranteed to be a bit bigger …


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