Fifth Mainz home win in a row: First referee Zoff, then Joker luck!

Whether it’s enough for Europe this season or not: Mainz is definitely the Champions League at home!

Third-placed Leverkusen also felt the effects. The 05ers win 3:2 after falling behind twice, making it their fifth home win in a row. That was only once in the history of the 05er in the Bundesliga – in 2009 under ex-coach Thomas Tuchel.

The thriller in the 05 Arena: First referee Zoff, then joker luck.

Mainz was 0-1 behind due to Schick’s crooked thing. Then Aaron curls a free kick from 20 meters into the corner (84th). The Spaniard’s first goal in the 84th Bundesliga game – and then one like that!

Two minutes later referee Benjamin Cortus (40) and Cologne Videokeller steal the lead from Mainz. Aaron free-kick again, which Onisiwo skulls into the net.

Actually a clean thing. But because the uninvolved Niakhaté is offside, Cortus takes the goal back. Very doubtful!

Dortmund star Mats Hummels (33) reports on Twitter, writing: “Now it’s completely pointless with the VAR.”

“We were probably too lucky there,” even Bayer goalkeeper Hradecki later admits when he sees the scene on DAZN, saying: “That’s one of the reasons why it was a deserved win for Mainz in the end.”

When Alario made it 1:2 (74th), it initially looked like home bankruptcy for the 05ers. But a week before carnival, the troupe does not give up.

And coach Svensson unpacks the super jokers.

Boëtius shoves from the edge of the penalty area into the far corner to equalize (84′).

Ingvartsen turns the stab into the winning goal (88th). Both were only a few minutes on the field! The winning goal scorer happy: “I was injured for a long time, now the goal. That was great great, great!”

And sports director Martin Schmidt proudly says: “Every goal was a work of art. We were lucky today as well.”

The end: Narhalla march and humba in the stands. All Mainz happy. And closer to Europe.


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