FIFA 22: BILD explains all gameplay innovations

New season, new edition of FIFA!

The latest offshoot of the soccer simulation – FIFA 22 will appear on October 1st. The creators promise all kinds of innovations and an even more realistic game than in previous versions.

BILD shows where the gameplay changes.

Hypermotion technology: The greatest novelty has the most complicated title. Behind this are two new approaches for an improved gaming experience: On the one hand, the developers let 22 real professionals compete against each other on the pitch for the first time, filming their behavior and their movements.

In the past, the players were shot individually in the studio. The eleven-on-eleven should make the virtual kicker look even more real. In the game, this is expressed in more than 4000 animations.

On the other hand, EA has been fine-tuning a special algorithm over the past three years that makes the movement sequences in the game more authentic and fluid. Both technologies are intended to make the virtual games in FIFA look more realistic overall. The fans have to judge whether that was successful.

New animations should make the game more realistic. The header duels have also been revised. David Alaba is on the ball for Real MadridPhoto: EA Sports

Artificial intelligence: Traditionally, the developers promise a more intelligent behavior of the AI. This year, great emphasis was placed on the defense – the defenders should now move better in formation and defend zones together.

Explosive sprints: Leave a defender behind with Kylian Mbappe (22 / Paris) or Alphonso Davies (20 / Bavaria)? You can do that in the new FIFA! One-on-one duels can be decided with lightning-fast approaches without having to accelerate for a long time – sounds like a lot of potential for frustration for the opponent.

Thanks to explosive sprints, fast players like Milans Theo Hernandez can simply overrun their opponents in the game

Thanks to explosive sprints, fast players like Milans Theo Hernandez can simply overrun the opponent in the gamePhoto: EA Sports

Humanized players: It should be just as human on the artificial lawn as on the real green. That’s why the animated professionals will interact with each other, shouting things out or fighting words. Is the virtual referee listening carefully?

Most of the innovations are offered to gamers on the latest generation of consoles (PS5, Xbox Series S / X). So players with older devices or on the PC have to do without Hypermotion.

Adjustments such as improved goalkeeper behavior or new ball physics should also be noticeable on older models.

And the first novelty is already known to all fans of the FUT mode: With the FUT Heroes there is a new type of item. They depict professionals at a career high point, which means that the league and nationality remain relevant to the team chemistry. Mario Gomez (36) at Stuttgart (overall strength 88) and Diego Milito (42) at Inter (88) have already been published.

But what the game will feel like in the end, the fans will only find out in a few weeks.


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