FCS strong at 1: 2 in Magdeburg – bankruptcy of millions encourages promotion!

Third division football at second division level!

1. FC Saarbrücken went home to Saarland after the 2-1 draw in Magdeburg and a tremendous performance – and was still able to take a lot of positive things with them into the next games.

Coach Uwe Koschinat (50): “We made a very courageous appearance from the first second. The game was incredibly intense the whole time. The game could have gone either way. A great football game to which we played our part.”

Saarbrücken’s Dominik Ernst (left) in a duel with his former Magdeburg teammate Leon Bell BellPhoto: Jan Huebner

And in which a draw would have been possible if Sebastian Jacob had put the ball in the goal after a great combination via Minos Gouras. Or referee Haslberger would have decided on a penalty after Condé’s foul on Jänicke.

Bankruptcy of millions encourages advancement!

It was amazing how many fans watched the top game in the 3rd division alone on television. Despite the defeat, FCS wrote positive headlines nationwide. On average, 2.27 million viewers watched the ARD live broadcast, a market share of over ten percent.

Jacob then: “That was a totally emotional game at a very high level. Unfortunately, we didn’t reward ourselves for our performance.” Right: Saarbrücken is now two points behind Lautern in second place.

Another drop of bitterness: Tor-Prince Adriano Grimaldi (30) had to go down after 65 minutes.

Koschinat: “He got hit in the calf muscles. I hope it’s just a bruise. But it may also be a structural story. He has already said that he is in great pain.”

A failure would be very bitter…


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