FCS players visit the next generation: 20 kids train here like professionals

Dillingen – Have a kick with the pros! This dream has now come true for 20 Saar youth players. They were allowed to train with their heroes from 1. FC Saarbrücken on the pitch of VfB Dillingen.

Above all: goalkeeper Daniel Batz (30). He was on the field for two hours, giving the four young goalkeepers a very private training session.

FCS professional Sebastian Jacob explained a few tricks to the kids

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

“A unique experience”, enthuses Tom (12) from the JSG Stadt Dillingen. “He showed us some tips and tricks.”

For the field players there was a visit from FCS striker Sebastian Jacob (27) and amateur trainer Sammer Mozain (36). They had basics such as passing and stopping as well as training on goal.

Teaser picture

Nine-year-old Phil Landry is already showing a really good feel for the ball

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

“I was pretty nervous before,” admits Phil (9) from SV 09 Fraulautern. “But that subsided very quickly during training.”

None of the boys had reservations. “On the contrary,” says organizer Marco Mastrosimone (35). “Everyone wanted to show the professionals what they can do.”

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A group picture at the end could not be missing

Photo: Andreas Schlichter

And there was another surprise: Luca Kerber (19) stopped by after a course with the U19 national team, signed autographs and was available for photos.

At the end everyone was allowed to shoot a penalty against Batz. Mastrosimon: “18 went in!”

A heart for Magnus Grandpa Poodle is looking for the last basket

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Source: BILD

April 15, 2021


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