FCN: Transfers and Contracts – This is how Rebbe is planning the club’s future!

He should achieve a lot with little money!

Since April 2021, Olaf Rebbe (43) has been taking care of transfers at the club as sports director. At the start of the winter preparations, the ex-Wolfsburg now spoke about …

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… the Rosenlöcher finish: “We’re about to sign a loan deal with Esbjerg, a club in the Danish second division. He was there for a trial session. We initially agreed on a loan until the summer. Then we’ll see how things go from here. “

… his transfer tactics: “There is no alternative for us at the moment to bring players on for free, to borrow them and to move them out of our own NLZ. Krauss, Tempelmann and Borkowski have also earned us a good reputation in the branch for loan transactions. “

… the many expiring (loan) contracts: “We want to continue on the path with Sörensen and Handwerker. We will also do everything we can to ensure that Krauss and Tempelmann stay with the club. But we are only one market participant and can only provide certain framework conditions. If that is not enough, we have to act again. Our job is to be able to shoot again at any time. But we also have an axis of players with long-term contracts. “

… a Shuranov sale: “If there are offers, you have to deal with them. We always have to as a club. To say that Shuranov is not for sale would be implausible. “

… the promotion fight: “Everyone wants to rise and the maximum, but we also have to be realistic. The team does an outstanding job and I also believe that the team can still surprise. But I think the talk of the ascent is unnecessary. “


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