FC St. Pauli: Yellow suspension planned? The Otze discussion at the neighborhood club

Seven games left! FC St. Pauli has a great chance of winning the Bundesliga. Just stupid: Five (!) important players could soon collect their fifth warning.

are concrete Daniel-Kofi KyerehGuido Burgstaller, Marcel Hartel, Eric Smith and Jackson Irvine face suspension after four yellow cards.

If things go really badly, there will be several warnings in the next hot evening kick at Hansa Rostock (April 2, 8:30 p.m.) – the players in question would then not be in the top game against Werder Bremen of all places.

The question is: Can the Kiez kickers plan their yellow card suspension in the promotion final?

The Otze discussion at St. Pauli!

The possible suspension – does it affect the Rostock game? Should the players hold back?

“Zero point zero. It comes as it comes,” says coach Timo Schultz (44). “I think everyone in the second row who hasn’t played that much right now has proven that they are there when they have to be there.”

It would actually be unfavorable for a yellow in Rostock. After Werder is waiting for Sandhausen. A better time?

Schultz: “I’m honest, you talk to the boys about it. How does it look like? What do you think? Can this be done anywhere? Then we’re somewhere with ‘Mach et, Otze.'”

As a reminder: Frank “Otze” Ordenewitz (55) deliberately picked up a late red card in 1991 on the advice of Cologne coach Erich Rutemöller in the cup semi-final against MSV Duisburg (3-0). He had previously received a yellow card and would have been suspended in the final. With red only for the Bundesliga.

It’s just stupid: the matter was exposed because Rutemöller admitted in an interview that he said “do it” to his player. The DFB blocked Ordenewitz because of unsportsmanlike behavior.

St. Pauli is a long way from such planning games. Nevertheless, it is of course a fatal situation that at some point in the season finale of all things there is a risk of an avalanche of suspensions in an important game.

Schultz: “The best thing would be if everyone stayed at four, even if that isn’t very realistic. I don’t believe in that. They should concentrate on football, they should go into duels just like they usually do. If it happens then, then I’m in demand as a trainer…”


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